Techie Talkie

E25: What do the hot brands in the consumer world look like and what can be learned from it in B2B companies? – with B2C king Dan Eblagon

Episode Summary

(Episode Language: Hebrew) Hi Techies, So, in the new episode of Techie Talkie, we were honored to host CMO, advertiser, investor, B2Cs community founder and marketing stand-up comedian Dan Eblagon for a fascinating chat about the hottest B2C / D2D brands and what makes them so? Why do the most creative ideas sometimes fail miserably? What B2B can learn from the B2C world and vice versa? And what the hell is the new category called HENRYs? Good times. Episode Notes: Maapilim, Shookit, Oatly, Lemonade, AVIS, Headspace, Slack, TikTok, Casper