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E15: How to Build an Outstanding Brand – with Jonny Steel, Payoneer's VP of Marketing

Episode Notes

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Hey friends,

So, this time at Techie Talkie, we were honored to host Jonny Steel, VP of Marketing at Payoneer, one of the most successful high-tech companies in Israel that employs 1,500 people and has an annual sales turnover of hundreds of millions of dollars.

In the episode, we talk about a lot of interesting things that Payoneer is doing to promote itself, including the Payoneer Forum - a series of events that Payoneer organizes in 30 cities around the world that reach 1,500 people. How did they start with this? What is the secret to successful events? And why you should start and take the first steps in that direction.

Johnny also shared with us how they built a well-known and successful global brand in Payoneer, how they tell the company's story to potential customers and how they give the company's customers a stage in different ways like the global awards program where they hand out prizes to their special customers.

Finally, we talked about the subtraction method, which he and the marketing team use to increase the creative thinking process.

Happy listening.

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