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E19: How unique content that people are willing to pay for generates Gong 3,000 demo requests per quarter – with Udi Ledergor

Episode Summary

(Episode Language: Hebrew) Hello friends , So, in a particularly long and fascinating episode, from San Francisco via Zoom, we were pleased to host Udi Ledergor, Gong's VP of Marketing who recently raised $200 million at a value of $2.2 billion. (Respect) Udi tells us why they recently decided to change the category in which Gong competes, how exactly they did it and what a tremendous impact a change of one word in describing the category had on the company. We talk about Gong's well-oiled content machine, how it all started, what Udi's philosophy is to start the marketing system in a young company and what they did to reach the 3,000 demo requests they received through their website in the last quarter. Udi explains how they got 3,000 people to sign up for their first virtual conference and 1,200 to attend the event itself. He also shares amazing tips on how to make your conference so successful, fun and most of all different! Until the next episode!