Techie Talkie

E1: How to be critical and creative as a marketing manager – with serial entrepreneur Iris Shoor, CEO and founder of Oribi

Episode Summary

(Episode Language: Hebrew) In the premiere episode of the podcast, we were honored to host one of the most esteemed entrepreneurs in Israel - Iris Shoor, the founder and CEO of Oribi and the owner of the successful blog Startupiko where she honestly and inspiringly shares the complex journey of setting up and managing a startup. What is special about Iris, beyond her exceptional modesty and focus, is that Iris is the epitome of critical thinking and the ability to think outside the box. She does not fall into the conventions that everyone adheres to and each time re-cracks the way to reach the company's target audience in the most effective way. In this episode Iris shares her credo on branding in a young startup company like Oribi and their unique online marketing methodology. Iris explains how they put tremendous effort into marketing without overloading the internal resources devoted to building the product and of course what worked and did not work for them along the way. Iris explains her interesting concept called A / Z Testing, why it is more relevant than A / B Testing especially for small companies, and the importance of creative and different ideas in their marketing strategy! Happy listening!