Techie Talkie

E10: How to invent a new standard and get the whole market to work – with Dana Zelitzki from Valens

Episode Summary

(Episode Language: Hebrew) Hey friends, In this episode we host Dana Zelitzki, VP of Marketing for Valens, a super successful semiconductor company that operates in the worlds of audio and video. Dana shares with us the company's unique marketing strategy which was based on creating a standard and establishing a standard organization that made the company a world leader in its field and swept away hundreds of companies, most of them significantly larger than Valens. So how do you even get started on building a standard? How did the certification program they launched create a large community of affiliates who spread the gospel, and can a standard that leads the category in one area continue to lead in another category as well? In this program we also started a new section where the interviewees share their “unforgettable move” and their “glorious failure” and what (hopefully) they learned from it. See you next episode.