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E11: An open conversation with the entrepreneur and serial investor (the one who feeds Mark Zuckerberg) Oren Dobronsky

Episode Notes

(Episode Language: Hebrew)

Hi Techies,

So in this episode we have the honor to host Oren Dobronsky, a successful serial entrepreneur and investor, the owner of the Oren Hummus chain which is actually the Abu Hassan of Silicon Valley and perhaps most importantly - a generous philanthropist.

So how does Oren choose the start-ups in which he invests? How is he different in his method from other investors? What is the key measure for a company's success and what is the best method for measuring Product Market Fit?

Later in the program we also talk about the Clear Giving venture which we are all involved in and the tremendous change it is bringing to the world of donations through technology.

Another interesting detail that we did not get to talk about in the program - Oren is the man to thank for the direct flight - Tel Aviv > San Francisco. As an entrepreneur at heart, Oren decided that a direct flight was necessary, and got 10,000 people to sign a petition and pledge that they would fly such a route if it existed. In the end, United decided to try this much-needed route, and today the route already works on a daily basis and is considered one of the company's most profitable lines. This is a welcome initiative by Oren that connects two such significant global high-tech centers, and its contribution to the local high-tech industry is enormous.

With so much talk about hummus, our appetite opened up. So bye for now.

Resources and information shared in this episode:  

1. The formula for measuring product market fit -

2. The ClearGiving site -