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E12: How a post-business blog received 20,000 shares and how to harness open source for content marketing needs – with Amit Ashbel

Episode Summary

(Episode Language: Hebrew) Hello friends, This time we have the honor of hosting Amit Ashbel, Cognigo's VP of Marketing (recently acquired by NetApp) and the former Director of Product Marketing at Checkmarx, one of the largest cyber companies in Israel. In this episode we focus on the topic of content strategy and how to produce content that overcomes the noise and gives a significant impact to the company. We talk about the cyber lab that was set up in Checkmarx for marketing purposes and the tremendous effect it had. How can you harness open source products that compete with your product in order to promote yourself? And how to leverage the Github open source community for content distribution and marketing. We also ask each guest about their “unforgettable move” and their “glorious failure”. Cheers, Carmel and Asaph