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E13: How to work properly with analysts and achieve exceptional results – with Lisa Bennett from Cultura

Episode Summary

(Episode Language: English) Hey Techies, So this time around, we have an episode (in English) about a particularly interesting & challenging topic - the elusive Analyst Relations (AR). So how can your company become a category leader (if such a category even exists) by working with Gartner, Forrester and what’s the value of it anyway? There seems to be many companies out there that aren’t quite sure how to master this area and the awesome Lisa Bennett who’s been leading marketing for video platform giant Kaltura over the last 12 years, was kind enough to share her vast experience with us. We covered how to build your company’s Analyst Relations strategy, how to foster a healthy relationship with the analyst community, how to leverage the local sales team of the various analyst firms to get added value, what the hell is the difference between a Briefing and an Inquiry and how to get value from the analyst firms without spending a dime! Viva La MQ, Asaph & Carmel