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E16: How to stay relevant and survive as a marketing manager in such a dynamic world – with Yam Regev

Episode Notes

(Episode Language: Hebrew)

Hello friends,

So, this week in the program we were happy to host Yam Regev, a dear man who is the entrepreneur and VP of Marketing at Zest, a company that distills high quality content in the field of marketing and builds a customized professional development path for anyone. Kind of like the Spotify of professional content from the world of marketing.

So what do we have in this episode?

We talk about the phenomenal launch Zest made for their new product, in which they harnessed their users to spread the word and generated 6,700 new registered users.

We learn what the learning patterns of 100,000 Zest users are and what the hot topics are right now.

We share tips on how to manage your learning in the most effective way.

And in conclusion Yam also shares with us who are the marketing leaders that he personally follows.

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Thanks for listening

Episode Notes:  

1. Brian Balfour - Reforge (formerly, VP Growth @ Hubspot)

2. Hiten Shah - FYI  (formerly, Kiss Metrics, Crazy Egg)

3. Andrew Chan - Partner @ Sequoia (formerly Head of Growth @ Uber)