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E4: How to incorporate video into your marketing strategy and why it matters at all – with Hila Shitrit Nissim

Episode Summary

(Episode Language: Hebrew) Hey friends, Did you know? A website that has a well-made video increases its chances of appearing on the first page of Google by 53 times! In this episode, Hila Shitrit Nissim, VP of Communications at Promo Dot Com, shares many more things we never knew in the video world and gives tips for champions. We are talking about what characterizes videos that work well on Facebook where 85% of the audience watches them without sound, compared to videos that work well on YouTube. Hila tells how, with a small investment, they created a short video in the promo that created a big buzz in the exhibition in which they participated, and how the company leverages video ads for the purpose of recruiting employees and human resources in general. And on that note - if you hear us as a podcast, remember that you can also watch the filmed episode on Facebook and YouTube. See you in the next episode!