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E6: How to build a vibrant community and how to become a superhuman marketing man – with Tommy Barav from Supertools

Episode Notes

(Episode Language: Hebrew)

Hi Techies,

In this episode we are happy to host the entrepreneur and superhuman marketing manager - Tommy Barav.

Beyond being an excellent marketer, Tommy is also the founder and leader of the Supertools community, a community designed to unite people who want superpowers in the tech world. Tommy produces two of the most successful technological podcasts in Israel and in the past he was the marketing manager of a cyber company for the automotive world, Argos, which was sold for $450 million. He was also in the founding team in Israel of the world's largest accelerator, MassChallenge.

Tommy recounts how he founded the successful and vibrant Supertools community which has, after a year of operation, 12,000 members, why he restricted the entry of new members and how he built a content program tailored to what community members want to consume.

In addition, as an expert in productivity and tools for the superhumans, Tommy shares practical tips and tools with the help of which each of us can maximize our productivity and manage the work day more effectively.

Pleasant listening!

The tools Tommy talks about in this episode:

1. DeckRobot:

2. Magic Spreadsheet:

3. FB newsfeed eradicator: