Techie Talkie

E8: How to build a well-oiled marketing machine with high scale – with Omer Shai from Wix

Episode Summary

(Episode Language: Hebrew) Hello friends and happy after-the-holidays to all, We are pleased to open the first day of returning to routine with a special episode with one of Israel's leading marketing executives - Omar Shai from Wix, who manages a global marketing team of 300 people and an annual budget of $200 million. One of the largest orders of magnitude that an Israeli technology company has. So what did Wix do when it first started that small companies could learn from? What does Omer believe in terms of building a successful marketing strategy? How does Wix divide the budget between Performance and Brand and what does Omer think about advertisements in the Super Bowl, after 5 consecutive years of Wix advertising there? And of course he shares lots of examples of super creative campaigns that are the very characteristic of Wix and will inspire you.