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E9: How to build a successful technology company without sales people – with Ran Avrahamy from AppsFlyer

Episode Summary

(Episode Language: Hebrew) Hello Techies, After selling his company to Google, Ran Avrahamy joined as the first marketing man at AppsFlyer, the company that makes Mobile Attribution, a solution used by most of the market today or anyone who wants to understand where their traffic is coming from and how campaigns work. We're talking about the company that carved on their banner to be Customer Driven which leads to zero churn and also about the fact that the company is marketing oriented and until recently had no sales people at all. We also touch on the change that has taken place in the B2B world in recent years regarding sales processes. Since the information about the product and the company is available to everyone online, the power has passed from the seller's side, to the buyer's side. The buyer in any company is no longer the one who makes senior decisions, but the users themselves who often need one tool or another to perform their job and are able to make an independent decision. There are two schools in the B2B world: ‘Go Big or Go Home’, and the mantra that Ran believes in ‘Be Everywhere’ The same mantra has led to the fact that although the company does a lot of online marketing, it also produces conferences at a dizzying rate of close to 200 conferences a year of various kinds, and we are talking about the value it brings to the company. As always, we would love to hear feedback from you of any kind and if you enjoy, share the love - pamper the episode with five stars and share with others :) Have fun!