Techie Talkie

E2: How to create a category and set up the marketing array from scratch – with Shmuli Goldberg

Episode Summary

(Episode Language: English) What’s up Techies? So this time around, we’re hosting the mighty Shmuli. Shmuli is the master of setting up successful marketing teams from scratch and scaling companies. He’s already done that successfully three times at Clicktale, Feedvisor and Lawgeex, and he’s just getting started doing it for the forth time at Identiq. In our chat, Shmuli shares his thinking around building a new category and how beneficial this is for kickstarting a new company in the market. He also provides fascinating marketing campaigns he has executed, like that one time his content became that industry’s bible, and was downloaded 6,000 times in 48 hours. Or the other time he created content which Gartner ended up copying from. Or the ultimate PR campaign that got his company 600 mentions in the top media outlets globally, and created an inflow of leads that lasted a whole year. Be warned - this is not an episode you can miss! Enjoy!